… I’m Eva Ayuso, your new pattern designer. If you’ve ended up here, it’s because you have an interest in the exciting world of patterns. Great!! 😉

Let me introduce myself as a true lover of design. A passion that for years has completely occupied my professional life.
After graduating in fashion design from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, I worked for various firms as Designer and Creative Director, in fashion collections and accessories.
Those years helped me gain experience and solidity as a designer. Since then, I create my own collections of patterns under the Holymoly.works brand, where I also collaborate with other firms. My designs know no borders, you can find Holymoly.works prints in stores around the world under different brands.

Welcome to the universe of Holymoly.works!

What I Do

Pattern collection

Made from Original Artwork, Holymoly designs are crafted by hand or drawn digitally, and are available for commercial use.
Mainly focusing on current and future trends, new designs are incorporated every month.
If you would like to view the entire collection, feel free to contact me.

Bespoke designs

My priority is to make your ideas come true. If you are interested in getting a custom print, please don’t hesitate to contact me for freelance and collaborations!
I’ll make sure that the print is perfect for you.

Files ready for production

Prints are supplied digitally, organized and in repeat. It just needs to be sent to production.


Please do not copy designs in any shape or form as this prints has been sold to clients

Clients and Collaborators

Contact Me

If you have a firm and need exclusive pattern designs, contact me via this form, by WhatsApp or phone, I will love to praise your product to make it unique and special.